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  • ED-041
    This leaf tipped scroll design set with two unique rosettes creates beautiful shadows with the raised setting on the outside edge of the bevelled frame.  The small border surrounding the panel frames it beautifully. ..
  • ED-042
    We created the insert for this door to add visual interest to this front entry.  The cast iron balcony above is a beautiful compliment to the ironwork on the door. ..
  • ED-043
    Opulent - is the perfect description for this front entry.  This home was enhanced 100% by adding the custom iron doors and top window ironwork.  The overall design, use of larger leaves, the placement of the collars, two tone with the gold tipped leaves, all of it equals pure opulence! ..
  • ED-044
    This double entry door was created with solid panels on the lower section and centered circular designs with scrolls above and below.  The dual spear points created visual interest on these doors. ..
  • ED-045
    This grand entry was completed with double door decorative iron panels, and an equal size decorative iron window designed and fitted to compliment the double doors below. ..
  • ED-046
    On this door we built a classic, timeless, traditional, mirror image design with a center medallion. ..
  • ED-047
    This high arch entryway was given a total makeover with the artistic iron door and upper windows.  The value and appeal of this home was enhanced 100% immediatly after installation. ..
  • ED-048
    The transformation on this pale grey home was immediate with the striking black artistic iron door and iron work on the window contrasted by the white architectural trim. ..
  • ED-049
    Double iron front entry doors with full arched upper window created with careful attention to detail on the leaf, scroll, and floral rosette placement all made a winning combination. ..
  • ED-050
    The entry door and side lights created in a timeless design with a center medallion puts the finish touch on this home like the icing on a cake. ..
  • ED-051
    This sweeping bronze vine-like scroll offers a romantic welcome to this front entry door. ..
  • ED-052
    A stunning transformation took place on this home by this well balanced scroll design finished in satin black and fitted into 8 sections on this elaborate front entrance. ..