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  • CG-001
    This gate was built to compliment the stair and balcony rail with an arch to add interest. ..
  • CG-002
    Perfection in balance, detail, and strength.  This gate is a gorgeous addition to the quality of this home.   ..
  • CG-003
    Hammered bar and elegant scrolls create a beautiful child or pet protective stair gate.   ..
  • CG-004
    Single knuckle bar with double S scrolls on this gate follow the pattern of the stair rail providing beauty and safety for your children and pets.   ..
  • CG-005
    This interior door gate is a beautiful addition to the home while providing privacy or safety to any room.   ..
  • CG-006
    This beautifully designed interior gate makes it clear that this area is for the VIP with special privileges.   ..
  • CG-007
    This gate was designed as a barrier from the stairs for the safety of children and pets. ..
  • CG-008
    A wrought iron gate with an arch is perfect to add some visual curve to an otherwise square room. ..
  • CG-009
    This beautiful design was used for an interior protective gate, designed to compliment an Art Deco syle with it's angular, symmetrical, geometric forms. ..
  • CG-010
    This classic arch topped gate is a perfect compliment for any design style. ..
  • CG-011
    The three elements of design on this gate make it visually appealing to the eye.  A perfect look as an interior gate, while very easily nicely enlarged for your exterior driveway, courtyard, or patio garden gate. ..
  • CG-012
    This beautifully appointed pet gate is like an exquisite piece of jewelry for your home. ..