Driveway Gates

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  • EG-001
    This solid "pan" design we think looks absolutely the  best in a driveway. This is sure to change the look and privacy of your driveway entry. ..
  • EG-002
    This combination of scrolls and straight bars is the perfect way to be simple but keep an elegant feel to your driveway. ..
  • EG-003
    This gate was personalized with the initial of the last name of the client. We also made custom pickets for the top of the gate for security purposes. Turned out to be such an elegant project with a touch of class.   ..
  • EG-004
    This design we used a panel design to structure the center for balance and then we broke up the design with straight bars per the client's request. This was a combined effort project that the client felt we hit a home run at the end.   ..
  • EG-005
    This client requested a gate that was absolutely unique and for us to incorporate this "bow" design on the top but make it look masculine. This is almost a "crown" deisgn we came up with  and we loved the end result. Simple but yet makes a statement.   ..
  • EG-006
    This is a combination of scroll work at the top and a "pan" design at the bottom. For the center work we took the pattern and scaled it down and toned down the scroll work with straight bars with knuckles to give it some simplicity.   ..
  • EG-007
    With the pan and hammered bolt frame on this gate gives it a stout strength, with the beauty of simplicity filling the interior. ..
  • EG-008
    Single elegant driveway gate with decorative scroll inserts, lower border, and spear point tips.  ..
  • EG-009
    Arch top double driveway gate with scroll inserts and bottom border, complimented beautifully by a coordinated single walk through gate. ..
  • EG-010
    Uniquely shaped driveway gates displaying beautiful large mirrored scroll inserts, with smaller scrolls crowing the top. ..
  • EG-011
    Simple clean design using bar with alternating single and double knuckles for accents, and topped with a beautiful graduated scroll top. ..
  • EG-012
    For maximum beauty, privacy, and security, we built this double arched gate with a solid pan backing.  The arch is highlighted by the stratigically placed knuckles on the center design, while the edges and bottom border are enhanced by scrolls. ..