Driveway Gates

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  • EG-013
    The privacy and beauty of this single driveway gate is given structural strength and exquisite beauty by creating three panels backed and filled with size appropriate scroll designs with three identical lower panels featuring a fleur de lis in the center of each one. ..
  • EG-014
    Double driveway with a curved top, designed to compliment the most sleek elegant or modern contemporary architectural style. ..
  • EG-015
    Extra large curved top double gate using wood inserts on the bottom panels and center latch to compliment any entrance with natural grace.  ..
  • EG-016
    Artistic marshlike wildlife scene cut out of 1/4" steel plate.  We added several hand forged birds custom designed for this project, placing them in the tops of the windswept cattail reeds. ..
  • EG-017
    Unique gate design with leaves ..
  • EG-018
    This double gate has a beautiful design with matching elements of the front door.  ..
  • EG-019
    This gate has a lot of unique detail that makes it's own statement.  ..
  • EG-020
  • EG-021
  • EG-022
  • EG-023
    This gate has a iron frame with inlayed wood ..
  • EG-024
    This gate has a iron frame with wood inserts. ..