Interior Gates

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  • IG-001
    This double interior gate is a beautifully balanced design, with the height and top built to enhance the exquisite dome architecture of this luxury home.   ..
  • IG-002
    Several shapes were combined to create a visual delight with this double interior wrought iron gate.   ..
  • IG-003
    Interior gates are a beautiful method of keeping the pets in the rooms of your choice. ..
  • IG-004
    Interior gates can be used for many reasons.  Child or pet protection, liquor and fire arm safety, jewels and cash, collectables, office documents, guest privacy, or just because you want to adorn your home with elegance and make a statement of luxury.  ..
  • IG-005
    This double interior gate is a beautiful example of perfection.  The arch top, scrolls, diamond shapes, square collars,  and the beautiful center gate hardware are a winning combination. ..
  • IG-006
    Lattace work combined with scrolls and backed by screen on this double gate keeps the beloved pet safe and out of the rooms that are off limits. ..
  • IG-007
    Created to compliment the tall ceilings with the stunning crown on this double interior gate,  and give the homeowner functional elegance in their luxury home. ..
  • IG-008
    This oversize double gate with the top formed to give style and added interest, while the gold tipped leaf scrolls add elegance and visual interest. ..
  • IG-009
    Golden Griffins have been a symbol from Greek and Persian Poetry as gate keepers. The top on this gate was shaped to give a beautiful vision of prominence. ..
  • IG-010
    The large fleur de lis shapes framed by stratigically placed collars and scrolls give this double interior gate some panache! ..
  • IG-011
    This double interior gate was designed to create boundries with beauty. ..
  • IG-012
    This gate incorporates all the elements of perfection.  The combination of design and components are beautiful. ..