Child or Pet Protective Gates

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  • CG-013
    This double interior stair gate compliments the integrity and beauty of this staircase while protecting the children and pets from injury. ..
  • CG-014
    Single and double twist bar combined with single and double baskets creates a look that compliments any style of decor. ..
  • CG-015
    This beautiful scrolled gate in the same design as the staircase blends in perfectly to keep your child or pet safe. ..
  • CG-016
    Exquisite detail on these cast iron gates compliment this home's value, while keeping specific rooms off limits to the children or pets. ..
  • CG-017
    This gate was designed to match the elegant stair rail while at the same time keeping the toddlers safe from falling down the stairs, ..
  • CG-018
    Protect your floors and furniture from puppies in training or muddy paws, with a beautiful interior gate like this one. ..