Wine Gates

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  • WG-001
    Single full size wine door featuring grape clusters surrounded by scrolls and bar with stratigically placed collars to create visual symmetry. ..
  • WG-002
    This gate was built to fit, with tasteful design to endorse what was behind it. ..
  • WG-003
    This double wine gate is a classic display of the perfect combination - showing respect for quality. ..
  • WG-004
    A balance of twisted bar with scrolls created a great combination with this wine gate. ..
  • WG-005
    This single arched refrigerated wine gate was designed with long sweeping scrolls into a pleasing arrangement. ..
  • WG-006
    This stunning refrigerated iron door preserved the true wine cellar theme, using grapevine bar and leaves woven through lattace simulating a wine rack.   ..
  • WG-007
    This classic design is a sure winner for all architectural styles. ..
  • WG-008
    Take a walk into the vineyard with this custom wine gate, featuring twisted grapevine tendrils and leaves with clusters of grapes. ..
  • WG-009
    This wine gate is a beautiful design that compliments any palate. ..
  • WG-010
    A proportional design on this double interior wine gate creates an alluring draw not only of the eye, but to a glass of tranquillity.  ..
  • WG-011
    Creating a fluid portly grapevine with leaves and grape clusters as the theme of this wine gate, it captures the essence of maturity and grace. ..
  • WG-012
    Classic vinyard components are used on this beautiful wine gate. ..