Fireplace Screens

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  • FS-001
    Iron fireplace screen - ornate metal selection   ..
  • FS-002
    Ornate metal double doors with center rosettes.   ..
  • FS-003
    Ornate scrolled double door selection with fleur de lis center pieces.   ..
  • FS-004
    Double doors framing beautiful round scrolled tendrils wrapped in realistic leaves, and complimented with gorgeous twisted iron handles.   ..
  • FS-005
    Double door center scrolls with a rosette handle and decorative collars on either side.   ..
  • FS-006
     Double door fire place doors with identical rosette doors are framed with flat bar accentuated with hand forged rivets.   ..
  • FS-007
    Rectangular double door fire place doors with a tightly detailed design.   ..
  • FS-008
    Very appealing design displaying a balance of scrolls and flame like features.   ..
  • FS-009
    Uniquely attractive set of fireplace doors created with a heavy iron flared and collared bar resembling a flaming torch.  The outside edge was also custom designer per the client's request.   ..
  • FS-010
    Ornate double door fire place doors surrounded by granite and custom woodwork make a gorgeous impact as the center focal point in this room.   ..
  • FS-011
    This is a show-stopper arched double fireplace door!  Exquisitely detailed with 2 floral/leaf sprays.  Framed with hammered edge flat bar and accented with hand forged rivets. The hardware is crafted with a drop bolt.   ..
  • FS-012
    This full wall fireplace was beautifully completed with a double door unit and extended side panels. We coordinated another door to the left to enclose the wood storage.    ..