Fireplace Screens

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  • FS-037
    Classic beautiful design to accent any home decor. ..
  • FS-038
    This is a timeless piece with it's aged hammered flat bar frame, scrolls, and corner bracing.  The twisted loop handles and hand forged nail heads were the perfect addition to this work of art!  ..
  • FS-039
    Scrolls and collars complete this double door fire screen creating a very symmetrical clean design. ..
  • FS-040
    We built this double door arched screen to completely expose the fire itself - very nice with the forged hammered nail heads on the frame. ..
  • FS-042
    This screen was built with extra wide side panels and hammered bar for the outside frame and accents. ..
  • FS-043
    Very ornate tri-fold screen formed with 5 panels of cast iron and topped with an ornate top piece. ..
  • FS-044
    Very ornate tri-fold screen formed out of 5 cast iron panels with a decorative top piece. ..
  • FS-045
    Ornate tri-fold screen using  s-scrolls, and 4 larger s-scrolls for the top piece. ..
  • FS-046
    Very ornate tri-fold screen formed out of 5 cast iron panels and using a decorative top crown. ..
  • FS-047
    Square double doors created from scrolls and ovals with steel spheres on both ends create a beautiful look for this fireplace. ..
  • FS-048
    10 square collars offer a centerpoint on these slightly arched doors while beautifully surrounded with scrolls. ..
  • FS-049
    Classic simple design fire screen to compliment the decorative brickwork and furnishings ..