Fireplace Screens

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  • FS-050
    Beautifully detailed cast iron fireplace screen ..
  • FS-051
    Unique heavy gauge cast iron fireplace screen ..
  • FS-052
    Heavily detailed cast iron tri-panel fireplace screen ..
  • FS-053
    Classic in style, this design will compliment all styles of decor. ..
  • FS-054
    Single panel fireplace screen designed with ornate cast iron with three medallions and an elegant crown. ..
  • FS-055
    The styling on this firescreen is absolutely exquisite and the perfect combination with the details on the mantel and hearth.  ..
  • FS-056
    Classic styling in a bronze finish completes this fireplace with grace and function ..
  • FS-057
    The large scrolls on this pattern allow for maximum visibility to the flame of the fire and offers a beautiful focal point to the room while not burning. ..
  • FS-058
    Fleur de Lis  center medallion on each door with 4 square decorative collars on each door framing the beautiful design with a bronze finish. ..