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  • IN-001
    This beautiful window grill offers a big style statement and security ..
  • IN-002
    The round window grills custom designed for this home add beautiful artistic architectural interest to the home. ..
  • IN-003
    The detail and design on this window grill is magnificent with the light shining through. ..
  • IN-004
    This grill was designed as decor to be part of the window shutters ..
  • IN-005
    This window grill adds alot of character to this home with it's vine and leaf motif. ..
  • IN-006
    This grill was designed to be a work of art as a room divider. ..
  • IN-007
    This pair of window grills were designed to enhance the cabinet doors. ..
  • IN-008
    This articulate design created a fabulous designer's transformation on this home. ..
  • IN-009
    Architectural detail should be placed stratigically, where it will be appreciated without being lost in the total picture.  This iron work accomplishes that goal.  ..
  • IN-010
    This piece of wrought iron art is a perfect accent to this stone mailbox column.  ..
  • IN-011
    This wrought iron is an accent for the cabinet doors. ..
  • IN-012
    Nature shining through the custom ironwork insert on this half round window is a beautiful work of art for this home. ..