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  • HR-013
    A flared stair entryway deserves to be all dressed up.  That is exactly what we did with this entry. It made a beautiful impact not only on the architectural design, but also on the value of the home. ..
  • HR-014
    Full length handrails following the sidewalk up to the front entry of this home was enhanced with beautiful barrel volutes and a statement scroll every 4th vertical component along the rail. ..
  • HR-015
    This well balanced design incorporates elegance with simplicity in every sense. ..
  • HR-016
    The rail on this back porch and stairway is a nice combination of collars placed in a 2 to 1 pattern. ..
  • ST-070
    3" Newel Posts with Pyramid Caps 5/8" Vertical Baluster with O-Ring Border 2 1/4" Molded Cap Rail ..