Furniture and Accessories

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  • FR/AC-037
    This custom piece was designed as a beautiful exterior patio backdrop with reflective plexiglass to capture the water feature. ..
  • FR/AC-038
    Wall decoration ..
  • FR/AC-039
    Candle stands ..
  • FR/AC-040
    Decorative wall counter bar ..
  • FR/AC-041
    Beautiful Detailed Bistro Table and Chairs ..
  • FR/AC-042
    Decorative detailed cross wall piece ..
  • FR/AC-043
    Double Scrolled, heavy guage, 8 leg table with a double framed rim detailed in solid 1" spheres for design under the stone table top. ..
  • FR/AC-044
    Double scroll legs and extra strength cross bracing on this large rectangular table gives it the extra strength to hold a very thick wood, stone, or marble slab tabletop.  ..
  • FR/AC-045
    Ultra elegant, highly embellished entry table, details including gold leaves, branches, floral, shells, and a medallian all perfectly placed for maximum impact.  This is a table that will be cherished for generations to come.  ..
  • FR/AC-046
    Outdoor TV Cabinet ..